How to Write a Project Proposal

A project proposal is a document that outlines the scope of work and objectives of a project. It is usually written by the project manager, who should be able to clearly articulate the purpose of the project and how it will benefit the company or organisation for which it is being proposed. Keep reading to find out what to include in a project proposal and how to write one in a few simple steps.

Step 1. Write an Executive Summary

A project proposal should always include an overview of the project. The summary should give the client an idea of your area of expertise in your industry as well as the client’s industry and show how it could be a great fit for this particular project.

Step 2. Introduce an Agency Overview

In this section, you can introduce what the agency does for clients and its brief history. Here you can explain in more detail what you will help your client achieve, present key services and highlight your strengths. Outline any relevant experience you may have to show the client what you can do for them.

Step 3. Demonstrate Your Understanding of the Problem

One of the most important steps is to demonstrate your understanding of the problem and project background. Make it apparent that you understand the goals and the scope of the proposed project. This is also a good opportunity to explain how the problem you hope to solve directly relates to your agency.

Step 4. Introduce Your Solution & Describe Your Approach and Project Plan

Now that you’ve explained the problem, it’s time to present the solution. Use this section to explain your approach to the project in more detail by outlining a project schedule, your vision, important milestones, a risk register and risk management plan, team responsibilities and the tools you’ll be using throughout the project. You’ll also want to talk about the strategic goals of the client and explain how your proposal aligns with those goals.

Step 5. Estimate the Overall Cost

As part of any detailed project proposal, you should always include a cost breakdown. However, the key here is to add context in order to show the value. Create a summary of what the client asked for, the value you will deliver, and then the cost for that value.

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