• Implementation of service systems on the shopfloor level in financial service companies. Empirical evidence from Australia and Germany (pdf, 494.39 KB)

    International Journal of Production ResearchSeptember 7, 2015
    This article presents the practices of Australian and German financial service providers regarding the implementation of shop-floor control within different types of service systems.

  • Operational Control of Service Processes: Empirical Evidence from the Financial Sector in Australia (pdf, 1.20 MB)

    2013 - International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering ManagementDecember 10, 2013
    As customers of financial service providers do not always provide the required information on time, operational control has to be conducted. Thus, companies have to deal with daily decisions of how to process incoming orders to perform well in terms of quality, cycle time and cost. Due to a lack of empirical research, we gathered evidence by identifying the state-of-the-art of operational control in financial services companies in Australia. The results revealed that operational control is mostly conducted in an ad-hoc manner as forecasts and predefined rules are rarely used. In-depth interviews uncovered opportunities to install a more forceful operational control. The results also indicated that certain criteria, such as organisational grouping of employees within the process, should be considered as these criteria influence the effectiveness of operational control.

  • eReport – Project Management Governance: Alignment with IT Governance (pdf, 2.44 MB)

    This report looks at the connection between Project Management of IT projects, and IT Governance within organisations. IT Governance being part of the larger Corporate Governance aspects of an organisation. It looks at why so many IT projects fail and what can be done to improve the success rates.

  • eBook 1 – Your Concise Guide to the Seven Principles of PRINCE 2 (pdf, 587.65 KB)

    PRINCE2 has seven Principles, seven Themes and seven Processes that form the framework for governing and managing projects. The seven Principles underpin the entire PRINCE2 project management philosophy.