Steps for Better Issue Management

Issue management is the process of recognising and solving problems in a project. It is an important part of project management and can be complex, but it doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, there are some steps you can take for better issue management right now. Read on to discover what those steps are!

Create a Register

The first step to better issue management is to identify the issues and start gathering them into a document. This is an important step because it will help you start tackling issues one by one and track progress as you resolve them.

Assess the Problem

In order to manage a problem, you will first need to assess it. You need to gain an understanding of what has happened and why it happened. This will help you get an in-depth view of what possible solutions could be effective for this particular issue.

Decide Whether to Take Action or Not

After assessing the problem, it’s time to determine whether you want to take action or not. This decision should be based on how much time and resources are needed for implementing the plan. Once you’ve implemented a solution, you can’t go back and recover the resources spent.

Plan a Solution & Assign Actions

Even though you might be in a rush to resolve the problems that came up, coming up with a solution and implementing it right away is not ideal as it requires some planning first. This step is about determining what will happen once you decide to take action. There needs to be clear ownership, and you’ll need to appoint someone who will be tasked with working on resolving the issue until the issue is closed.

Monitor Progress

Now that you’ve implemented the solution and took action, you need to monitor progress. Without monitoring, you won’t be able to know for sure if your solution worked or not. Ensure that people are following up on their action items and track the status of the issue. This will help you prevent allocating unnecessary resources to the issue and keep an eye on whether you’re going in the right direction.

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