PRINCE2® Training and Implementation in Brisbane

At Your Project Manager we understand that you need to manage the delivery of projects on budget, on time, and within constraints – all while meeting the demands of your workforce and your clients. That’s a lot of pressure, which is why we offer our resources, experience, and consultancy to businesses across south east Queensland. One of the services/solutions we offer is PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments).


  • a popular, proven and flexible project management methodology which provides guidance on the key aspects and activities for managing successful projects,
  • a process-based approach which can be easily tailored and scaled to suit any size, style or type of project, and
  • able to be utilised by any organisation regardless of the industry or sector they operate within.

We know that your organisation is unique. We know you have your own systems, processes and culture. To gain the full benefits from creating a PRINCE2 environment, an organisation needs a planned, coordinated and consistent approach to its implementation, ensuring alignment with current organisational project management practices and techniques.

Your Project Manager are qualified PRINCE2 consultants in Brisbane. 

We can assist you in putting PRINCE2 into action and implementing it across your organisation, ensuring adoption and effective use.

How is PRINCE2 used?

This system is designed to be tailored to meet the unique requirements for an organisation and scaled appropriately for the size of each project. It’s perfect for larger organisations with large-scale projects but is also suitable for smaller projects as well. The PRINCE2 methodology addresses project management with four integrated elements.

  1. Principles
  2. Themes
  3. Processes
  4. Project Environment

PRINCE2 focuses on putting forward a product-based planning approach, where there is an emphasis on dividing any project into manageable and controllable stages. Your project management team is going to have a defined organisational structure with accountability and responsibility clearly outlined.

Working with a PRINCE2 Consultant in Brisbane

Our consultants are trained in PRINCE2 systems. That means what we can offer you with a consistent and controlled approach to any project. Our consultants can provide the following PRINCE2 services for your organisation:

  • Assist with the tailored design, implementation and embedding of PRINCE2 at the organisation, divisional or team level.
  • Work with your organisation to identify gaps in your PRINCE2 approach and provide recommendations for improvement to increase benefits.
  • Perform PRINCE2 capability and maturity assessments.
  • Assess and ensure that your projects are being managed in compliance with the PRINCE2 principles.
  • Perform independent and PRINCE2 health checks for your projects.
  • Assist with identifying and arranging PRINCE2 accredited training requirements.
  • Provide ‘post PRINCE2 course’ support and mentoring.
  • Align the PRINCE2 methodology with relevant organisational processes such as Business Case gateway reviews.
  • Recommend PRINCE2 tailoring options for individual projects including project sizing, document templates and governance models.

Being PRINCE2 qualified is only part of the package which comprises a successful project manager. Ideally, PRINCE2 should be used in conjunction with other important personal development and project management skills such as stakeholder management, effective communication and leadership skills.

Benefits of PRINCE2 for your business

When you implement PRINCE2, whether it is for PRINCE2 training or by engaging with PRINCE2 consultants, you will gain greater control over variables like resources and risk. You will see a benefit across your business within project management, but also in areas like employee positivity, ownership of projects, and perceived value of your business.

  • Employees benefit from undergoing PRINCE2 training and certification, and they, in turn, provide greater value to your business.
  • You will be able to manage risks and take greater control over project outcomes when you use a solution like PRINCE2 for project management.

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Our consultants can provide expert advice on successfully utilising PRINCE2 together with PMBOK based project management fundamentals. If you require assistance with successfully implementing and embedding PRINCE2 into your organisation, or you just require an independent project health check or recommendations to improve current project management practices, our consultants can tailor a solution specific for your organisation.

Call us today on 0400 117 669 or get in touch with us online. We would love to speak to you about your project management needs, and go over some more information about PRINCE2 for your business.