How to Select the Members of Your Project Team

6 Steps to Create an Effective Project Team from Within

The members of your project team will depend upon the project. Of course, it will include the project manager, project sponsor and the project board, but other members are required according to their skill sets and expertise. In this article, you’ll learn how to select these project team members.

Step #1: Understand Your Project

You must understand your project in depth. You’ll need to identify what steps the project must go through, and the tasks and project activities that will be executed in each of these steps. By analysing each of these steps, you will identify the skills and other resources needed and for how long they will be required.

Step #2: Compare against Project Constraints

Any constraints placed on the project must be considered. These may include constraints on time, budget or resource. Only by considering these will you be able to plan project team recruitment effectively.

Step #3: Bring in HR

Now that you know your people requirements, it is time to get HR involved. They will be able to help you uncover internal expertise and put into motion a plan to recruit for skills shortages. Recruitment costs should be factored into the project’s budget.

Step #4: Meet with Managers

Meet with the managers of internal employees who have been identified as suitable for project team roles. These meetings will help to ensure that employees have the skills required, that they will fit in with the project team, and that they can be released for project work.

Step #5: Create a Shortlist and Fill Project Team Roles

Create a list of all potential project team members, and compare skills and competencies. This will enable you to create a shortlist of those most suited to the work involved, and ensure you get the diversity of talent needed.

From this shortlist, evaluate each on paper before interviewing them to ensure they have the skills, competencies and personality to contribute fully to the project. The interview will also allow you to assess their willingness to become involved.

Step #6: Check the Team

Take a long, hard look at your project team. Teamwork is about collaboration. It’s important that there are no personality clashes that could put a strain on teamwork. Does it have the right balance? Do your team members have the skills needed? Will they get on together?

In Summary

This six-step process should help any organisation to create project teams from within their ranks. Working through these steps will help you identify the skills and competencies needed to deliver the project successfully, pinpoint and engage dedicated individuals internally, and recruit the external experience required.

The result should be a team that collaborates well, solves problems creatively, and delivers the project successfully – because it’s the best team for the job.

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