The Roles of Change Authority and Project Support in PRINCE2 Projects

In our last blog, we saw how the team manager role may be undertaken by the project manager. Two other roles that may be either separate or combined with that of the project manager are those of change authority and project support.

Change Authority

Change authority in PRINCE2 is the person or body who considers all requests for change. If few changes are expected, the project board may undertake the role, or it could be delegated to the project manager.

The change authority will have a change budget, agreed by the customer and the supplier. The project board may limit the amount that can be used per single change, or per project stage.

What competencies does a change authority need?

The change authority (CA) will wear many hats, representing the business, the user, and the supplier. Therefore, the CA will need to have the credibility which ensures its advice and guidance are followed, as well as specialist knowledge of the business, user, and supplier.

Key competencies include:

  • Planning
  • Attention to detail
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision-making

Specific responsibilities of the team manager

The CA will:

  • Review, approve or reject all change requests within the limits of its authority and change budget.
  • Refer to the project board if any limits of authority or change budget are likely to be exceeded.

Project Support

Project support is not a formal role within PRINCE2, and is often undertaken by the project manager. This mainly depends upon project size and complexity. Where it is formalised into a separate role, project support functions may be provided by either a project office or project-specific resources.

What competencies does a project support need?

Depending on the type and scope of project, the key competencies required by the project support may include:

  • Administration and organisation skills
  • Specialist knowledge and technical know-how
  • Knowledge to management and corporate standards applicable to the project

Specific responsibilities of the team manager

Project support will:

  • Set up and maintain project files
  • Establish document control procedures
  • Collect actual data and forecasts
  • Update plans
  • Administer or assist the quality review process
  • Administer or assist project board meetings
  • Assist with the compilation of reports
  • Contribute expertise in specialist tools and techniques (for example, planning and control tools, risk analysis)


In addition, project support will maintain records such as the Quality Register, Configuration Item Record, and other logs as delegated by the project manager.

With regards to configuration management, project support may also administer the configuration management procedure, and:

  • Administer the receipt, identification, versions, storage and issue of all project products
  • Provide information on the status of all products (by preparing and issuing product status accounts)
  • Archive superseded product copies
  • Ensure the security and preservation of the master copies of all project products
  • Maintain a record of all copies issued
  • Notify holders of any changes to their copies
  • Number, record, store and distribute issue reports
  • Conduct configuration audits


In our next blog, and completing this series of blogs about the roles in PRINCE2, we’ll discuss the role of project assurance. Meanwhile, if you need advice or assistance with your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us: