Project Management News from Australia and the World January 24th 2018

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Here at Your Project Manager we consider it our job to keep on top of all that is project management not just here in Queensland and Australia, but also worldwide. Just like others across all walks of life, we have our favourite online project management resources which help us to keep abreast of all the latest news, views, and advances in our sphere of expertise.

In the same way that you and your business use market knowledge to keep ahead of your competition, so it helps us to maintain the leading position of project management advice and on-site training.

Here are just a few of the things that we’ve found of most interest over the last few days and that we feel might be of interest to you, too:

·        China provides funds to refurbish buildings on Rarotonga

The refurbishment news comes amid blunt criticism from Australia’s International Development Minister Concetta Fierravanti-Wells that China was constructing “useless buildings” and “roads to nowhere” in the region. She said … He said it was mostly due to a lack of oversight locally in the design and project management.

·        Sydney Trains debacle speaks to a big problem with …

Freelancer founder Matt Barrie says transport woes like those recently seen with widespread train cancellations in Sydney speak to a broader problem with project management in Australia. “The whole country is mismanaged, transport woes are symptomatic of the bigger picture,” Barrie tells SmartCompany. Sydney

·        Full steam ahead for Rio Tinto’s autonomous train project

The company operates around 200 locomotives which travel along 1,700 kilometres of track in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, transporting ore from 16 mines to four port terminals. Its trains are now operated in ‘autonomous mode’ around 60 per cent of the time, although with a driver on board ready to take control, …

·        Pioneer Resources plans to mine caesium this year

… Ltd (ASX:PIO) will use results from a new drilling program in final mine planning and scheduling for the caesium deposit at its Sinclair Zone Project in Western Australia. … All documentation required by the state government to facilitate mining is progressively being updated, including the project management plan.

·        QBE launches dedicated drone cover

McNamara said that he is seeing drones being increasingly used to conduct asset inspection work on properties, roofs, chimneys, power lines, pipelines, railways and bridges, and to do project management work. “We’re also seeing Australian farmers investing in entry-level RPAS units to conduct crop monitoring, aerial …

·        Countdown to Human-Free Construction in Less Than 10 Years

We’re already seeing rapid adoption of construction-specific software Timeline7 By 2023, construction software developers should roll out first versions of artificial intelligence capable of predicting progress and making simple project-management decisions. It will begin the most rapid progress toward a fully autonomous job ..

·        Learn these skills to make your résumé stand out this year

Project management” is one of those vague skills that most people only pretend to understand. With more than 400 hours of content on project management included in the bundle, you’ll be one of the proud few who knows what it entails. In these courses, you’ll learn Agile, Lean, and Scrum management methodologies, …

·        Australia’s Future Submarine program could blow out by billions …

Senator Patrick, who served as a Royal Australian Navy submariner, said military insiders had privately conceded the program, which is being run with French company Naval Group, was “starting to go a little bit off the rails”. He suggested to the ABC a professional project manager should replace the senior naval officer …

·        Mammoet realizes first dragline move in Australia

Tom Graham, Project Manager, CPB Contractors. CPB Contractors, a wholly owned subsidiary of Australian publicly listed company CIMIC Group Limited, were contracted to move the Marion 8050 dragline. CPB undertook all civil works and engaged Mammoet as the jacking and transport contractor for the relocation.

·        Defence averaging project slippages of up to 4.5 years

Currently, 29 per cent of Australia’s major defence projects are considered MOTS, 52 per cent are AMOTS and 19 per cent are Developmental. Former submariner and project manager senator Rex Patrick said the Department of Defence needs to undertake serious changes in its acquisition process to deliver better results …

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