Project Management News from Australia and the World January 10th 2019

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Here at Your Project Manager we consider it our job to keep on top of all that is project management not just here in Queensland and Australia, but also worldwide. Just like others across all walks of life, we have our favourite online project management resources which help us to keep abreast of all the latest news, views, and advances in our sphere of expertise.

In the same way that you and your business use market knowledge to keep ahead of your competition, so it helps us to maintain the leading position of project management advice and on-site training.

Here are just a few of the things that we’ve found of most interest over the last few days and that we feel might be of interest to you, too:

·      Flying rideshare taxis are feasible and could be in Australia within five …

The project involves an electric aircraft able to take people between specific … And, like Uber, it was an air traffic management system — in this case being ..

·      Construction Begins on New Utility-Scale Solar Plant in Australia

Construction has started on the Finley Solar Farm in New South Wales, Australia, a 175-MW utility-scale renewable energy project expected to be built by July of

·      Design-build delivery is setting new parameters for project management

Make sure there are formal internal hand-off meeting(s) between estimating/preconstruction and project management/field operations. This should include ..

·      New study to help make Australia a freight and logistics world-leader

The Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities (DIRDC) has signed a project with iMOVE to identify and articulate the data requirements of

·      Energy from waste gathers steam as Suez joins new WA plant

French waste management giant Suez has struck a long-term deal to supply a … In Australia and other Western countries waste and recycling have since been .

·      Funding needed for Queensland’s ag education

Around 100 teaching professionals from across Australia will attend this … Furner for announcing a project management office to oversee the transition of the ag

·      Vestas wins 184-MW Australian EPC deal

… procurement and construction (EPC) deal for a 184-MW project in Australia, … full scope Active Output Management 5000 (AOM 5000) service agreement.

·      ‘Non-compliant’ light rail could still get accreditation

The ACT’s light rail project could still receive accreditation even if the electrical … to meet Australian standards, so long as Canberra Metro can prove it’s safe. … can be managed through the safety management system it is required to have.

·      Rio Tinto arrives at automated rail completion

The scale and unanticipated complexity of the train automation project is … though collection of data in the management of forces, power requirements, fuel.

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