Project Management News from Australia and the World 3rd 2017

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Here at Your Project Manager we consider it our job to keep on top of all that is project management not just here in Queensland and Australia, but also worldwide. Just like others across all walks of life, we have our favourite online project management resources which help us to keep abreast of all the latest news, views, and advances in our sphere of expertise.

In the same way that you and your business use market knowledge to keep ahead of your competition, so it helps us to maintain the leading position of project management advice and on-site training.

Here are just a few of the things that we’ve found of most interest over the last few days and that we feel might be of interest to you, too:

·        This is why the ANZ is adopting a tech-style management approach …

The ANZ Bank is moving away from a traditional line management style of grey-suited … It wants to be a more project-orientated business with the smaller and nimble … to broaden its roll out in early 2018, initially within the Australia Division.”.

·        FEC Selected to Develop Perth City Link Sites in Australia

Together with the two lots that FEC won in late 2016, Perth City Link project will … operation and management, as well as car park and facilities management.

·        European naval leader to increase participation in Australian industry

“In this new project, the expanded team will extend that research and technical … of DMTC’s established expertise – including welding, corrosion management, …

·        Marine archaeologists win prize after finding 14 lost vessels

An ambitious three-year marine heritage project which found 14 wrecked vessels and … practice Wessex Archaeology and Flinders University in South Australia. … archaeologists John McCarthy (Wessex Archaeology Project Manager and …

·        $10b inland rail project a no-go unless Commonwealth funds it

“Inland rail will require significant, if not total, funding by Australian governments as it will not generate the financial returns required to make the project attractive …

·        BP pulls out of oil drilling in Great Australian Bight

BP’s recent decision to pull out of a plan to drill for oil in the Great Australian … Safety and Environment Management Authority (NOPSEMA) multiple times, … project, and the strength of the dissenting voices in the South Australian community.

·        ANZ blows up bureaucracy as Shayne Elliott takes the bank agile

Senior and middle management jobs are at risk in the transition, which will start … is characterised by daily stand-up meetings and six-week project delivery “sprints”. … need in order to succeed,” Mr Elliott told The Australian Financial Review.

·        ASC Adelaide to build two Offshore Patrol Vessels before …

“Having two ships delivered and completed in South Australia and then the … said he was impressed by the turnaround on the Air Warfare Destroyer project. … A shipbuilding management team from Spanish firm Navantia was brought in to …

·        Is large-scale solar’s ‘boom year’ going to plan?

EcoGeneration-Apr 23, 2017

There is no doubt 2017 will be a record year for Australian solar on a whole … The biggest upside risk to our prediction is the giant Riverland project in South Australia. … Foresight is a British investment management company, and the equity ..

·        BHP considers selling US shale assets

… of the Mad Dog Phase 2 project in the Gulf of Mexico and fully commissioned the … “The board and management have concluded that the costs and associated ..