Project Management News from Australia and the World May 2nd 2018

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Here at Your Project Manager we consider it our job to keep on top of all that is project management not just here in Queensland and Australia, but also worldwide. Just like others across all walks of life, we have our favourite online project management resources which help us to keep abreast of all the latest news, views, and advances in our sphere of expertise.

In the same way that you and your business use market knowledge to keep ahead of your competition, so it helps us to maintain the leading position of project management advice and on-site training.

Here are just a few of the things that we’ve found of most interest over the last few days and that we feel might be of interest to you, too:

·        Australian-backed gas project fails to deliver PNG economic boom …

The massive ExxonMobil-led liquid natural gas project in Papua New Guinea, backed by a $500m Australian government loan, has failed to deliver on a …. and central bank, and poor management of the exchange rate which hit non-resource sectors hard, were all potential contributors to the dramatic economic decline.

·        Australia to invest millions in Great Barrier Reef restoration and …

Described by the Australian government as the largest single investment for reef conservation and management in the country’s history, the money will be used to … Speaking to reporters after the project’s unveiling Sunday, Australian Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg said the reef was under a lot of pressure but those .

·        Lithium Australia returns from the hunt with new project

Whilst Sileach is applicable to many types of mineralisation, it works particularly well with mica’s which no doubt generated the interest in the mica rich Moolyella projectfor Lithium Australia management. The company is on a mission to blaze a trail across all spectrums of the lithium business before it becomes …

·        Lendlease in $400m Shanghai senior living project

… told The Australian yesterday. He said the project would also involve generous gardens, recreation areas, health and wellbeingbeing facilities and a large community clubhouse. The move represents a significant expansion of Lendlease’s operations in China, which have so far focused on project management for major …

·        SBAS precision to support rural pilots

Geoscience Australia’s SBAS project manager Dr. John Dawson said that SBAS-assisted aircraft approaches could be up to eight times safer than those that use ground-based navigation aids. “This could mean a pilot can now attempt a landing without visuals down to 200 feet,” he said. “The safety and efficiency benefits …

·        Gorgon phase two approval

Upstream Online-Apr 19, 2018

Chevron Australia managing director Nigel Hearne said Gorgon stage two is part of the original development plan for Gorgon. “Benefits are expected to flow through to Australian industry, arising from local project management, drilling and completion activities and subsea infrastructure installation,” said Hearne.

·        Saab signs OPV SAS and EOS 500 contract

Saab Australia’s managing director Andy Keough said the latest contract will position the company for more naval projects. “Saab Australia is … the end of the year. The first two OPVs will be built in South Australia before the project transitions to Western Australia, where the remaining 10 will be constructed from 2020.

·        Poor project management wastes trillions

By contrast, Australia reported the highest average waste on project spending at 13.9 percent or $139 million per $1 billion, while the U.S. was in the middle of the pack at 10.2 percent or $102 million per $1 billion. “There is a powerful connection between effective project management and financial performance,” continued …

·        Uranium future glows for Alligator Rivers

“Since 2012, ERA has spent more than $452 million on rehabilitation and water management activities at Ranger. The estimated cost of the entire rehabilitation project will be around a billion dollars. “It is critical rehabilitation be completed to industry leading standards to satisfy our ambitions; the public’s expectations; and …

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