How do you design a future-proofed project management system?

future proof your project management system

The components of consistent project success

In a constantly changing business world, your organisation is likely to undertake a stream of projects. The success of each is likely to be measured differently – perhaps reduced manufacturing time, increased products created, or reduced service costs. This doesn’t mean you have to build a new project management system for each project. Indeed, the reality is quite the opposite. Build a system and team to take on projects, and each subsequent project should benefit from lessons learned and project experience.

In this article, I’ll explain the main components you’ll need to consider to create a future-proofed project management system.

1.      Create your project management team

Pull the right people together. People who are focused on project goals, and who don’t complain that they are being asked to do someone else’s job. This team must work collaboratively and be able to encourage others to do likewise.

2.      Create the standards expected

The project management team must understand the standards expected, and how to overcome common project management mistakes. These standards must be created ahead of time and should be consistently observed on all projects. These standards include depicting the roles and responsibilities of each project team member.

3.      Create a risk averse mentality

All projects incur inherent risk, but this doesn’t mean they have to be inherently risky. The project manager and their team should plan for project risks and be adept at handling issues through project management.

4.      Create priorities

You must prioritise your projects, considering which will produce maximum value for your business. This requires focus on aims and objectives, and requires input from the customer, senior user, and project board.

5.      Create a culture of collaboration

Collaboration is key to successful project management. Use team building strategies for successful project management, as you build a continuous project culture to boost success.

Do these five things, and you’ll create a project management system that:

  • Reproduces successful results
  • Delivers consistently
  • Improves morale and reduces resistance to change
  • Lowers your cost base
  • Improves quality and quantity of product in line with business needs
  • Reduces project risk
  • Is highly accountable


When you put in place an effective project management system, project success becomes replicable. Your project team will learn with each project undertaken, and risks will be maintained as project issues are tackled and resolved.

Throughput, you must ensure that your project team is competent to undertake the projects required. You may need to draft people in and out, as you augment the core with specific skillsets to suit specific projects. With each project your organisation undertakes, you must decide:

  • Who does what and when
  • How things must be done
  • Who is accountable
  • Standards of quality expected
  • How to handle issues
  • The roles and responsibilities of team members


To achieve project success time after time, you must have a project management system which is managed effectively. To discover how to ensure effective project management in your organisation, contact Your Project Manager today:


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